In support of #JoytothePolls, a few of our Nightmoves DJs have made playlists  to give people something to look forward to while waiting in line to vote. Enjoy! 


matt shaw's long lines at the armory mix 

vote nightmoves for king: representing the late night party by James M

Justin Miller #JoytothePolls

JoyToThePolls<3 by Steven Reker


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Playlists and Mixes from the Nightmoves DJ community. Enjoy!

Daymoves & The Four Horsemen playlist by Claire-Marie Rutledge

New York By Night Mix by Justin Miller (@justinmillernyc

Nightmoves Mix by Jacques Renault (@jacquesrenault)


stuck inside (a playlist for 'moves) - playlist by Barbie Bertisch (@barbiebertisch)


NGHTMVS - playlist by Glen Goetz (@thymedreams)


C.Live Jazz for that Azz Mix by Clive Williams (@c.liveonfilm)


Aka Suga Brazilian Love Affair Mix by Aki Kasuga (@therealakasuga)


NightMoves - The Great Disco Nap of 2020 - playlist by Robert Dentice (@soilpimp)


Socially Distant at Nightmoves - playlist by Jayson Green (@thisjaygreen)


House Confinement 

and Sunset Limo Sax - playlists by Jeremie Delon


ntmvsmx by Nate Harrington (@harshparch)


Spinning in Devotion - playlist by Steven Reker (@steven_reker_)


Lloyd's NIGHTMOVESMIX by Lloyd Harris (@enterthelloyd)


For the Lonely Afternoons - playlist by Chris Gentile (@pilgrimsurfsupply)


Matt Shaw's Goth Wearing White Mix - by Matt Shaw (@basicsatan)


NITEMOVESSOMEDAYMIX by Brian DeGraw (@bdeegee)


Justin Strauss' Mix for Nightmoves by Justin Strauss (@justinstrauss1)