B&W - Yukro Lot 2 - Ethiopia - 12oz

B&W - Yukro Lot 2 - Ethiopia - 12oz

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Coffees from Ethiopia hold a special place in the hearts of most coffee professionals, and coffee enthusiasts alike. The true birthplace of Coffea Arabica (the coffee species we drink, mostly) It is amazing how many different flavor profiles exist in this relatively small country. This is due to the immense bio diversity even within the Coffea Arabica species that is present in Ethiopia.

Yukro in particular was the first coffee from the western part of ethiopia, also called Agaro or more simply "the west" that captured my imagination for what is possible outside of the "traditional growing regions" The west as significantly less access to clean water and sot traditional washing processes like are done in Yirgacheffe are simply not possible. However with the implementation and mastery of a piece of technology called an "Ecopulper" these coops are able to produce amazing coffees, and utilize much less water.

The coffee that captured my imagination was a coffee roasted by Coffee Collective in Denmark, and I remember it to this day. Big tropical fruit, flowers, citrus. It was amazing. Lot 2 is quite similar and was #5 in our Mystery Birthday Box. I am so excited to share this lovely Western Ethiopian coffee with you all. I hope it sparks your mind for what is possible. (Kyle)

Region: Agaro, Ethiopia

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1850 - 2100  MASL